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Welcome to Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches

Welcome to Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches, the premier martial arts school in Palm Beach County, Florida, offering Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu, Iaido, Tae Kwon Do, Karate Do and kobudo for physical fitness, self-defense, combat and competition for people ages 7 to 70+.

Students invest their valuable resources in us, because we offer the most detailed, diverse, and expansive curriculum in the Palm Beach area.  Whether you are interested in one or several of the martial arts, specialized classes are given on six different and complementary martial arts, rather than hodgepodge “all-in-one” classes typically offered at other studios.  The school also offers Cardio Kickboxing and MMA/Muay Thai for further diversify and cross-training purposes.

By offering the martial arts individually, students can clearly grasp the strengths and benefits of each distinct form while understanding how they complement one another. Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches is unquestionably the most synergistic and complete martial arts school in Palm Beach County. Our program, which combines eight of the most popular martial arts taught in America, develops enthusiastic students from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels quickly. With us, a student can become the strongest martial artist that is possible for their natural abilities

We feature a wide variety of group classes each day (for all levels of experience from beginners thru advanced), as well as private, individualized instruction. With your input, we customize a training program that is specific to your needs and goals – leaving you with a broad-ranged, comprehensive, truly personalized program. This is unique to our school.

While we teach ancient arts from Japan and Korea, our training facility is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. The fully matted floor and modern training equipment makes learning safe and fun for all ages. Visitors, parents and students appreciate our relaxed atmosphere and the comfortable learning environment. Kids can entertain themselves in our play room while parents train; we also offer a quieter computer and homework space for school-age children.

The #1 reason people attend Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches is because of our highly-skilled and passionate staff and visiting instructors; world-renowned visiting teachers conduct specialized workshops and classes several times a year.

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Whether you desire to be an intense competitor, are looking to build self-defense skills while participating in a different kind of a workout, or just want to get into shape, our instructors have the ability (and the enthusiasm) to help you achieve your physical and mental goals.

The emphasis at the Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches is not on being the best; it is on being the best you can possibly be! As a martial arts student at our studio, you will experience:

  • a wealth of knowledge from a highly trained, highly skilled professional staff, while receiving rank, awards and teaching licenses that are nationally recognized;
  • enhanced strength, flexibility, coordination, energy and stamina, as well as decreased stress and aggression;
  • increased positive attitude – improved self-confidence, mental and emotional well-being;
  • an improved body/mind relationship, which aids in overcoming larger obstacles in life with mental acuity and sharpness;
  • increased ability to focus, and for longer periods of time;
  • being an inspiration to others – people want to be (and enjoying being) around you more;
  • relief from depression and low moods;
  • appetite adjustment for a balanced, healthy body; weight loss, when desired;
  • joyful, deep and restful sleep;
  • A Great Workout!

You can expect a class that is large enough to enjoy diversity of persons, but intimate enough to receive one-on-one instruction.

New students see immediate improvements in their physical and mental condition, which continues to develop as they mature in the martial arts. Full-time students attend three to six classes a week, on average, consistently improving one’s mind, body and spirit, class by class, month by month. The price for students is an average of under $6.00 per class, to ensure our classes are the best value in the Palm Beaches.

No matter what curriculum you select at the Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches you can be assured of a respectful, engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

Contact Sensei Fortney at 561.312.1967 for a complimentary consultation, or email Chris directly at sensei@martialartsofthepalmbeaches.com