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Aikido, “the way of spirit harmony,” is a very traditional Japanese Martial Art that that incorporates joint locks, pins and nerve control techniques together with dynamic throwing techniques to control and subdue an opponent. Also, Aikido stresses harmony of the physical mind, body, and spirit on many different levels to deflect the opponent energy.  With its heritage dating back to Prince Teijun, the sixth son of the Japanese Emperor Seiwa (850-880 A.D.), Aikido was developed by Morei Ueshiba from samurai fighting arts of feudal Japan. Some of the influences upon Sensei Ueshiba, or O-Sensei, were Jen-Jutsu (sword techniques), So-Jutsu (spear techniques), and Judo; but, Daito Ryu Aiki-Jutsu is the single greatest inspiration in the evolution of Aikido.

Today, Aikido is the most popular martial art taught in police and many defensive tactic programs. It is even taught to elite athletes inside and outside of the martial arts for improved foot work, body movement and body awareness. At the same time, Aikido emphasizes importance of achieving mental control and calmness of the body and mind. The USA Aikido Association teaches both the Aiki-Kai and Yoshinkan styles of Aikido, which gives our instructors a plethora of knowledge, understanding and resources unique to most aikido schools in the world.

Sensei Fortney, a 4th Degree Black Belt in Aikido, understands and teaches all aspects of Aikido.  The Art of Aikido involves observing the environment, addressing the attack, and redirect it toward your goal.  This holds true in a physical, a mental, and emotional altercations and interactions.  The Martial aspect of Aikido involves devastating joint locks and body / foot work to control your opponent.

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