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Children Defense Training

Self-Defense for Children (Bullied Susan or Billy the Bully)

Don’t let your child bully or become a victim of bullies!

Today’s television, internet, gaming and video programming has caused an increase in violent occurrences in school-age children. This, in addition to the increased stress that children may be experiencing at home in relation to challenging family dynamics, such as economic stress and divorce, has bullying on the rise.

Bullied Susan and Billy the Bully classes are offered in private and group private lessons, and are designed to help both the aggressor and the victim. In these classes, your child will learn how to:

  • combat the verbal, physical, and emotional abuse that happens in school, the neighborhood, and the world: we will show your child how to handle a bully, including the proper things to say and do;
  • defend themselves against a bully, as a last resort.

If your child is the bully, we will help! Bullying behavior is a cry for help and attention that may be best handled by a person other than a parent. We can teach your child manners, respect, and most importantly self-respect and appropriate physical release. 

Private and group classes for self-defense and assault prevention are offered by Mr. Fortney, a high ranking instructor (black belts in four different martial arts) with over 25 years of martial arts experience, in a secure, professional environment.  

Contact Sensei Fortney at 561.312.1967 for a complimentary consultation to evaluate your child’s needs or Email Chris directly at sensei@martialartsofthepalmbeaches.com