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Martial Arts Classes

It is not only about the goal, but the journey that takes you there. Both a sprint and a slow meander will get you to the destination, and each serves a purpose...knowing which is right for you throughout the expedition is the work of a true martial artist. – Sensei Chris Fortney

Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches is unquestionably the most diverse studio in Palm Beach County, offering multiple traditional martial arts - all in one location! Whether your interest lies in physical fitness, self-defense, combat or competition, in one or in several of the Martial Arts taught here, we can develop a unique and well-balanced program that fits your personal goals and desires.
We offer specialized classes for each of the following different martial arts, which allows for the most complete understanding of each art, and how they work together to complement one another.


Aikido, “the way of spirit harmony,” is a very traditional Japanese Martial Art that stresses harmony of the mind, body and spirit that incorporates joint locks, pins and nerve control techniques together with dynamic throwing techniques to control and subdue an opponent.  With its heritage dating back to Prince Teijun, the sixth son of the Japanese Emperor Seiwa (850-880 A.D.), Aikido was developed by Morei Ueshiba from samurai fighting arts of feudal Japan.  Some of the influences upon Sensei Ueshiba, or O-Sensei, were Jen-Jutsu (sword techniques), So-Jutsu (spear techniques), Judo, and Daito Ryu Aiki-Jutsu, being the greatest inspiration in the evolution of Aikido.read more 

Tae Kwon Do / Karate

The Korean art of Tae Kwon Do, “the way of the hand and fist,” and the Japanese art of Karate Do, “the way of the empty hand or China hand,” are taught together in a powerful fusion of strong kicking, striking, punching and blocking techniques.   There is an emphasis in these two arts on concentrating the body’s effort to one instant or point of impact using the foot, hand, forearm, elbow and knee.  Both arts have essentially the same origin in China with controversy of conception date and which came first.  However, they evolved somewhat differently due to the influence of other Martial Arts and philosophies in these two differing countries of Japan and Korea.read more

Judo / Jujitsu

Jujitsu, “the art of suppleness,” dates back to feudal Japan as the first martial art of the samurai as a method for defeating against armed and armored opponents. Techniques in Jujitsu rely on turning an opponent’s energy to one’s advantage.   Most modern Japanese martial arts, including Judo, Kendo, Karate, Sumo, Kobudo and Aikido to name a few, were derived from Jujitsu.read more 


Iaido is the art of the Japanese Samurai sword that dates back to the early Samurai, and was defined as an individual art in the mid 1500’s. Many describe Iaido as moving meditation. This art teaches immense concentration and self-discipline using the Japanese sword in forms, tamashigiri (cutting), and in one-on-one practice. Iaido has become a very popular Martial Art for many people as a relief from a hectic life. It is a journey back to the days of the Samurai of Old Japan that in modern times helps practitioners cultivate focus, relieve stress and tension, and develop a respect for life.read more

Kobudo / Weapons

Iaido, “the way of harmonizing oneself,” is the art of the Japanese Samurai sword that dates back to the early Samurai; it was defined as an individual art in the mid 1500’s. Many describe Iaido as moving meditation through performing series of forms that can seem simple and direct, but are actually intricate and very detailed. This art teaches immense concentration and self-discipline using the Japanese sword in solo forms, tamashigiri (cutting), and in one-on-one practice. read more

Advancement, Awards & Competition

Most new students arriving at our studio are more interested in accomplishing their original personal goals than in competition. However, over time, and as proficiency develops, more students choose to diversify their experience, which may include competition or rank advancement. At Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches we encourage the development of all aspects of the martial arts in each class, allowing for a student’s skills, abilities and interests to assist the instructors in guiding their development. 

Advancements depend on a number of factors – frequency of attendance in classes, each student’s individual capacity for retaining information, and their ability to apply it – are just a few. Private and Private-Group Lessons will always assist in accelerating advancement, and are excellent options for any student wishing to develop proficiency and mastery of the curriculum taught at our school.

With dedicated focus and passion, black belts can be earned in Iaido, Karate & Tae Kwon Do in three years to five years depending on a student’s abilities.

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