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Iaido, “the way of harmonizing oneself,” is the art of the Japanese Samurai sword that dates back to the early Samurai; it was defined as an individual art in the mid 1500’s. Many describe Iaido as moving meditation through performing series of forms that can seem simple and direct, but are actually intricate and very detailed. This art teaches immense concentration and self-discipline using the Japanese sword in solo forms, tamashigiri (cutting), and in one-on-one practice.

The art of Iaido has become a very popular martial art for many people as a relief from a hectic life. It is a journey back to the days of the Samurai of Old Japan that in modern times helps practitioners cultivate focus, relieve stress and tension, and develop a respect for life. At the Martial Arts of the Palm Beaches the Iaido program is taught in an individual basis or group Private Lessons.

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