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Private Martial Arts Instruction and Lessons

Private and Group-Private Lessons are a great way to receive additional individual attention, and to accelerate your progress and training. Private lessons help tremendously as students gain mastery of skills, and when information becomes internalized for rote application. Small adjustments made by a trained instructor’s eye make a tremendous difference in a student’s progress.

Whether you desire advanced training in a particular martial art, specialized self-defense, weapons use (Iaido/Kobudo), or a greater understanding of kata/hyung(forms), private instruction may be what you are looking for and need. Additionally, if you are unable to attend regularly scheduled classes due to work, school, sport, family or other activities, private lessons will keep your motivation peaked, and your training up to speed. We can complete a schedule of classes and private lessons to meet any time constraints while helping you exceed your personal goals and expectations – even if your only availability are mornings, lunch breaks, evenings or weekends.

Costs for private lessons range in price based on time and length of lessons. We do offer a complimentary consultation; please call to arrange.

Contact Sensei Fortney at 561.312.1967 for a complimentary consultation, or email Chris directly at sensei@martialartsofthepalmbeaches.com